Ilmar International, LLC develops, markets, and distributes a family of natural supplements for the relief of muscular, arthritic, occupational, and sports-related pain. The Company's current product line, Astrum® Joint Complex and Astrum® Cream, is the result of years of research and development by leading experts in degenerative diseases, chemistry, and pharmacology.

The Company's mission statement is as follows:

"Ilmar International, LLC with its Astrum® family of products is committed to helping consumers, who are experiencing pain associated with arthritis, aging, muscular, and joint degeneration by offereing natural alternatives. Our mission is to provide individualized and natural alternatives to expensive medications and frequent doctor visits, while slowing down the well as injury, aging, and lifestyle. Although we strive to help our consumers to eliminate pain completely, achieving this goal is not always possible. Thus, our objective is to allow the consumer to maintain his or her productive lifestyle and to improve overall quality of life, while slowing down the degenerative processes."